Shanyu Ground Wind-Cooling Equipment Co.,Ltd(SGWLT) is an enterprise specialiaed in designing, developing, making and installing cooling tower and ita relativefittings. SGWLT makes itself a close united body in scicntific research and production with Shanghai Communication University Low-Energy Low-Sound Fan and Cooling Tower Technical Research Promotion Centre (of National-Grade) to proceed with the research and use of new technology of cooling tower, SGWLT has always been keeping the cnterprise aim of "Pursuit of Advance in Stability and Pursuit of Perfection in Advance" and serving clients wit steady managing style. Its cooling tower product is appraised as 1999's Zhejiang Provincial excellent quality product and the Eleventh China New-Tech and New Product Fair's gole prizes (by the State Science and Technology Minstry).
  Our company produce a good assortment of cooling towers. And we produce single largest largest suctural steel cooling tower-FBL-(II)-4000 type countercurrent tower in domestic. The products's finction reached or exceeded the same kind products. This product has widespread using in electrly chemicals mdeicine spining and weaving and other industry The key water conntrol projects of the Changjiang River adopts our products many times. Especially, recently we hauc researched and deueloped the third generation of cooling tower According to the different areas it can be made up The shape and size of the product can completely satisfy the demand of the modern buildings.
  It is also the ideal civil product in the cooling and air-cvnditioner industry it has aiready been put into the market widely.
  Now SGWLT covers a land area of 18000m2, with the modernizd workshops of built-up fine equipments of assembly ,shell, etc And SGWLE's product is CAD-ized, offeringusers with first-class pre-/post service, and SGWLT's slaff are not satisfied with these, and will keep on innovating and strengthening service ideology. In order to promote the Chinses National enterprise, SGWLT's staff will develop newer and better environment products han by had with all the figues of every fiele in the society.
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